Open Access Journal Initiative


Open Access Initiative (OAI)

OAI is a new paradigm in scholarly publishing. It aims to promote models that ensure free and unrestricted access to scholarly & research journals.OpenJgate What is Open J-Gate?Open J-Gate is an electronic gateway to global journal literature in open access domain. Launched in 2006, Open J-Gate is the contribution of Informatics (India) Ltd to promote OAI. Open J-Gate provides seamless access to millions of journal articles available online. Open J-Gate is also a database of journal literature, indexed from 3000+ open access journals, with links to full text at Publisher sites. Open J-Gate Features and Benefits:

  1. Portal with the largest number of e-journals
    Open J-Gate indexes articles from 3000+ academic, research and industry journals. More than 1500 of them are peer-reviewed scholarly journals.
  2. Links to one million+ open access articles
    This number is growing with 300000+ new articles added every year. Full-text links are regularly validated.
  3. Constant updating
    The Open J-Gate site is updated every day.
  4. Well designed journal classification
    All journals are classified in a three-level hierarchical system to provide for better relevancy in search results.
  5. Table of Content (TOC) Browsing
    Users can browse the TOC of latest issue and the back issues.
  6. Easy-to-Use search functionalities
    Database allows various search options for the user’s convenience. The subscriber can search by Title, Author, Abstract, Author’s Address/Institution, Keywords, etc.

Key Benefits Of Zentangle

Zentangle being an easy to learn art form has a number of benefits as discussed below:

It Enhances Relaxation
This art form draws you away from agitation or anxiety though calming, subtle and very intricate strokes that tend to lead to wholesome beauty.

It Helps To Nurture and Develop a Person’s Creative Abilities
Zentangle frees your thoughts in a manner that will strengthen and empower your creativity. Engaging in this activity may cause your mind’s creative part to frolic and grow in a manner that you never thought before.

It Relieves Stress
The focus needed to create these tangles help one to evade the daily pressures of life. Its liberating and enlightening purpose are designed to ease any form of tension.

It Helps To Improve a Person’s Sleep Patterns
Zentangle requires you to carryout beautiful pattern making. This aspect reaches deep into a number of aspects of your life. The creative growth and focus helps your mind to effectively process all daily events, giving you the opportunity to enjoy replenishing and deep night sleep.

It Improves Hand-Eye Coordination
During this activity, being able to note any detail and handling subtle nuances of every stroke helps to improve a person’s hand-eye coordination.

It Improves One’s Self Esteem
Creating and watching a beautiful thing unfold makes one feel good. Being able to complete a Zentangle pattern instills a sense of accomplishment and pride. These aspects are very significant in boosting a person’s self esteem.

It Creates Very Beautiful Art
Whether a Zentangle is complex or simple, it is usually very beautiful. This art form has no fail and it produces unique and gorgeous art designs that can be given as presents to a loved one.

It Increases a Person’s Attention Span and His/her Ability to Concentrate
Zentangle hones an individual’s concentration skills by keeping him/her engaged in a blossoming and flowing creation. With time, a person can produce better Zentangle and improve his/her ability to concentrate.

It Helps In Anger Management
Relaxation is the most fundamental benefit of Zentangle. If you are suffering from anger issues then creating of Zentangle will be a sure way to give you calmness and relief.

It Is a Useful Therapy Tool
If you have question and concern, you are struggling with addiction issues, or have other medical conditions, creating of Zentangle will help you handle these issues effectively. This artform will release your mind’s attention on the addiction or medical condition and focus it on a highly useful creative activity.

PPC – Enabling You To Stay Ahead Of The Competition

increase chartAs a business, your website should serve more than the electronic business card which you intend it to be. Your website should instead speak volumes about you and also bring in numerous profits. It should set you apart from the rest as a business of choice. To help you do this, you need a form of internet marketing known as PPC.

PPC (pay per click) is a more modernized method of advertising. It has proven to be very popular and effective when it comes to driving traffic to a specific website, even the new ones. PPC enables you to be more accessible, hence making it easier for potential clients to reach you.

Below are a few advantages associated with PPC as a means of advertisement as compared to traditional means of advertisement such as print. These include:

This is by far one of the most advantageous points to take note of. This is because in order to make profits, you need to lower production and operational costs. This form of marketing is affordable as you get to pay for the clicks made, which has a higher conversion rate of clicks to cash than let us say banners.

Fast Results
You can create and run your campaign in a matter of a few hours through search engines such as Google or Bing. All you need to do is to create an account, create the ads and finally bid on the search key words which will ultimately make your ad appear in search results.

Target A Specific Niche
With PPC you can now set your focus on advertising your products or services to a more specific region, area, sex, class or anything which you consider to be your niche. This way, your ads will only appear to people in that specific area you have defined.

Choose From A Vast Number Of Words
PPC offers you the unique ability to use words which you would not typically incorporate into your internet marketing strategy so as to optimize your website for search results. For instance, you could bid on your rivals name so that this way, when someone searches for that name, your ad will definitely appear.

Try out PPC, and if in the end you decide its not for you, then look into a Utah SEO company and get some more information.

Effectively Using Parental Control Software

These days, the majority of parents have challenges as it relates to maintaining a grasp on the people and things that have influence over their tweens and teens.  In generations parents compuyterpast, parents could monitor their children by simply listening in on their telephone conversations and this would either confirm or allay the concerns that the parent had for his or her child.  Nowadays, the Internet has opened up a whole new world of influences and pretty much anyone, from anywhere in the world, can have profound influence over the young, impressionable minds of tweens and teens.

Today, parental control software provides with the ability to the online activities of their children.  Using this software is not necessarily an indication of a lack of trust; however, parents can use it to look out for certain influences that they do not trust.  The influences include:


Studies have shown that 25 percent of teens and tweens have been repeatedly bullied online and only 10 percent of the victims inform their parents about it.


Approximately 25 percent of teenagers have been exposed to sexually explicit online content and the average age of their initial exposure is 11 years old.


Roughly 20 percent of teenagers who regularly access the Internet have reported that they have gotten unwanted sexual solicitation.

Parental control software gives parents and guardians a window into the interactions, viewing habits and conversations of their teen or tween.  A number of parents opt to monitor the activities of their offspring by recording and replaying their Internet actions, while there are others who simply use their email to keep abreast of the activities.

Whichever method is used, parents who use a software to monitor the online behavior of their child gain several benefits over the ones who do not monitor at all.  The benefits include:

Peace of Mind

They will have the ability to know and be confident in the fact that your teen is simply being a teen while exploring the Internet.

See the Warning Signs

Being able to promptly see inappropriate web searches or conversations provides the opportunity to proactively deal with problems before they become serious.

Jewelry: How To Make Paparazzi Jewelry Necklaces

Handmade necklaces are ideal jewelry items to wear with light summer dresses. And one can make an entire line of attractive necklaces right from home. All one needs are some different types of unfinished wooden beads (of varying shapes, and sizes), leather chords or nylon or lanyard strings, or (for braided necklaces) some silk or other fabric material. In this article, we will describe how you can make (1) dyed wooden beads handmade necklace, and (2) Dupioni silk braided handmade necklace. From this, you can have a fairly good idea of how you can make a variety of innovative handmade necklaces from home.

Wooden Beads Necklaces

The basic materials for these items are unfinished wooden beads, different powder dye colors, leather strings, and floral wire for submerging the beads in the dye. The beads should typically be ½-1″ in diameter and can be bought in bulk at easy prices. The dyed beads give a weathered look to the necklaces and make them perfect accessories for summer wears. The necklaces can be worn solo or in bunches for effect. For dyeing purposes, use Denim Blue, Evening Blue, Teal, Taupe and Yellow powder dye colors. The beads should be submerged into the dye mixture for 2-6 minutes (till the desired color is achieved) and then left to dry on a paper towel. Once the beads are dry, use 2mm round leather chord to string the beads.

Dupioni Silk Braided Necklace

Dupioni silk makes for beautiful lustrous necklaces. All you need to do is rip the fabric into strips and braid them together to the desired length and then knot the ends to form a loop and your handmade braided necklace is ready for use. Start with ripping the fabric into 1″ wide strips. Then knot the ends of three strips and start braiding. When you reach the end, handstitch additional Dupioni silk fabric strips onto the first three and continue braiding until you reach the desired length. Just like the beads necklaces, these braided necklaces can be worn as the solo jewelry piece or you can pile them on.

If you want to learn more be sure and check out – paparazzi jewelry

Bridge Loan Documentation

During emergency situations of financial crisis, Bridge loans can be really supportive. To meet the unavoidable needs of credit, one can always rely on bridge loans. If stuck in the financial gap, these bridge loans can rescue from it.
The main scope of much talked about loans is to fulfill personal or commercial requirements, till the arrangement of the credit with him. The bridging finance renders the short-term needs of the credit. Usually people buying property (domestic or commercial) seeks the bridge loans. With a monomeric name, the bridge loans fill in the gap created while buying a new property till the time the old one is sold. They are not specific to property, to can raise credit from the lender for the purpose industrial expansion, holiday expenditure, buying raw material and even marriages.
There are of two types, open and closed. When buying a new property and don’t know by what time you can sell the old property, you can opt for the open loan type. The closed type loan can be opted when you need extra credit, even after the sale of the old property.
The value of the securities or the warranty determines the credit that can be raised for the loan need. The limit also depends on the credit history of the lender itself. These loans are short-termed and offer a maximum of 2 years time for repayment. Though easily available, they are offered at higher ROI. Market is for all, there are venders which can provide a bridge loan at comparatively lesser ROI than expected. Before trusting a lender, it is advised to do some research and avail the lower interests. People who fail to repay the credit raised through loan are called defaulters. The worst case scenario may make the defaulter lose the collateral.

Features Of Good Document Management Software

A good document management system is very important for any office. The cumbersome chore of dealing with loads of paper documents is not easy, especially when one needs to organize, catalog and store it efficiently and fast. That is why with the emergence of various document management software solutions, companies are quickly catching wind of this new way of managing documents. However, one must make sure that one uses good document management software systems to really feel the effects of this efficient solution to document managing.

Document management software must be able to not only convert paper documents into digital formats, but also to manage it effectively. It must be able to index, store and make it easy to retrieve when necessary. It must also help in managing documents such as emailing it to concerned people, print, fax or share by using different modes of transferring information electronically.

Also, it must be user friendly, easy to use and straightforward. It must not be extremely complicated that one needs to undergo rigorous training just to operate it. The software must be simple enough for anybody with computer knowledge could use. It also needs to have a nice interface with basic features understandable to practically anyone so that it can be used by anyone in a company.

Lastly, good document management software systems must have a guaranteed maintenance from its developer. This will make sure that updates are issued at a regular basis to cope with the exponential advancement in technology. As the rate of technological improvement increases every year, a system without good updates may get obsolete quickly. A regular maintenance and upgrade program from a developer will make sure that the software will continue to evolve and adapt to the fast paced stride of technology today. If one has found such software then it is one of the best document management software one can have.

Precast Concrete Hurricane Fence

Southern and Eastern states in the United States and numerous islands like the Bahamas and Jamaica are regularly threatened by hurricanes.  The hurricane season can be severely destructive to businesses and homes, causing extensive damage in the locations affected by the powerful rains and winds associated with hurricanes.  At their strongest, these hurricanes can produce torrential rains and powerful winds that blast more than 155 miles per hour.  This could potentially result in a staggering amount of damage.  Having precast concrete walls installed can decrease the amount of damage that the hurricane causes and add aesthetic appeal to the property.

Precast concrete hurricane fences have the reinforcement of thicker, stronger steel I-beam support that comply with the specifications of hurricane codes.  The combination of concrete and steel fortifies the fencing and create the strength that stands up to in torrential rain and high winds that take place during hurricane season.  Often, the hurricane aftermath leaves flooding and lots of debris behind. Vinyl and wood fences do not have enough strength to stand up to the effects of hurricanes.  They are frequently damaged and provide very little protection.  Precast concrete hurricane fences provide the best source of protection and peace of mind when making an investment in fencing, if you live in areas that are affected by hurricanes.

Deciding on a precast concrete hurricane fence is the best option for protection as well as for style and variety.   The fences are accessible in a various styles and will complement any décor, no matter if the style is earthy, contemporary or traditional.  Additionally, the concrete can be stained to further blend in with the environment.  They are available in heights of eight, six and three feet.

Precast concrete hurricane fences can reduce the damage done to the property and they look great, which make it the best option for homeowners and business owners in locations that are prone to hurricanes.

Confidence From Great Skin

Learning the advantages of Natural Skin Care would likely change the way that you take care of your skin from this time forward. It is very likely that you wake up in the morning and wash your face. During this process, you probably use products that were purchased at the local drug store. It is very likely that you spend a good amount on money attempting to search for products that were effective. However, you probably have wasted an endless amount of money during this time. It is important to realize that too much moisture on your skin can be a very bad thing. However, you also need to ensure that your skin has the moisture that it needs in order to give you the glowing look that you are in search of. There are countless products on the market that will rob your skin of the moisture that is has naturally.

While you may think this is going to help the look of your face, you would find that it only makes the problem worse. If you hope to get rid of this issue, you would need to stay away from products that strip your skin of the moisture that it needs. Do not spend your money on products that use very bad chemicals in order to trick you into buying the product. Many of the items that you have wasted your money on would be nothing more than a product of creative marketing. If you do not want to throw away your money on products that are not going to address your acne problem, you need to invest in Olive Oil for Skin Care products. Once you have these in your home, you would begin to see your skin get clear and this is going to give you the confidence you have been searching for.